Who We Are

I am one of the partnering owners of Elevated AV Productions. I’m a DJ and Videographer and have filmed and edited numerous music videos, weddings, parties, commercials, church sermons and corporate events. So if you’re in need of some video recording/ music entertainment, I’m your man.

I am the other owner of Elevated AV Productions. I’m a DJ, Emcee and Videographer and whatever the occasion and music preference, I’m here to make sure your guests tear up the floor and have a great time. Book me for your next celebration or video shoot!

How We Started

It was our passion for music and film that sparked this venture. We started out DJing at house parties and filming home movies. Surprisingly, we received an outpouring of praise for our work from friends and attendees at our parties. We believed this was a clear indication that we ought to take this hobby and turn it into a thriving business. We began purchasing better equipment and decided to go full steam with building this thing up off the ground. And here we are today, with passion guiding our hearts, we are ready to work.

Our Mission

It is passion that drives us to develop quality work with compelling and entertaining content that suits the needs of our clients. We treat each project like it was our own; we nurture it from filming to production, ensuring our work is satisfactory to our standards. We founded this company with the core belief that providing clients with exceptional work and service is the key to maintaining long lasting relationships. Applying a little common sense and dedication to be the best at what we do, our business methods haven’t failed us yet. Let us recommend and help you select and plan your events and services based on your needs.